TOTAL Pallet Dismantler 

01 Photo Collage shows RIPJAK HEAVYDUTY TRIO of "Over'n'Under" top/bottom HEAD which shear ALL NAILS on each pallet, with each 5-second machine stroke. ALL material is automatically expelled.

02 Top view of TOTAL DISMANTLER, shows easy machine maintenance of heads, also seen are pallet surface-rails, pusher and T-Bar self-adjusting cutterhead mount.
03 Patented 2-POSITION T-BAR MOUNT FOR Multiple "Over'n'Under" Cutterheads can lock in "up" position, for maintenance or"down" mode for TOTAL DISMANTLING of pallet with every machine stroke.
04 Another view of triple cutterheads, ready to accept one pallet per stroke. Rails allow scrap material, chips, etc. to fall through, to be swept up later.
05 This photo shows operator adjusting or doing maintenance on the bearings, both top and bottom, by opening jaws of each cutterhead. Service is a snap.
06 Collage of the basic machine-frame that accommodates either HALF-PALLET or TOTAL DISMANTLER heads. We offer either plans for do-it-yourself customers.
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