Nail-Nub ("Stubble") Presses 

1 Collage shows entry-point for three stringers at-a-time as they are removed from each dismantled pallet. Other views feature controls, exitdoor for discharging pre-pressed stringers, and inside position, while compressed.

2 Triple-stack of stringers, needing stubble compression, enter the machine and the closure of this door activates the heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, compress all three stringers together.
3 Entry-door (at top) and exit door (at bottom) allow stringers to fall onto lower conveyor or turn-table for sorting or transfer to another station for re-use in pallet reconstruction using reclaimed lumber. $AVING$ !!!
4 This view shows controls which open close and otherwise allow machine functions. Easy to use. Rugged. Fast. Can be powered by your own dismantler's hydraulics, as accessory.
5 Notice that the machine has no self-power shown. RIPJAK's easy-to-add unit can be "tacked on" to your already powered dismantler, using a simple conversion method, that we have used for years on our own machines.
6 Another RIPJAK "FIRST" is this "in-line" STRINGEREPAIR-PRESS model, which can be added to most circular-cutter dismantlers, if they have RIPJAK's original-design "rear-exit" style of stringer-removal from your machine. It ALSO may be powered by your existing machine's hydraulic source. (Ask how.)
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