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Safe Methods

Money Saving

RipJak safely dismantles pallets with little to no endangerment to the operator because it does not use bandsaws.
RipJak Pallet System & Tools, offer to dismantle pallets at a reasonable price.
The RIPJAK Solution
Recycling Efficacy
Ripjak products are easy to maintain and operate, recycling your pallets will be more cost-effective in your turn around time.
Professional Experience
Since 1985 John Johnson has been engineering a number of pallet recycling machinery under the RIPJAK name.

John Johnson has over 40+ years of engineering experience. 
Questions about operating or troubleshooting the machinery will not be left up to guessing. We are here for you when you need us!
Innovative tools
All Ripjak products have been made with precision and sustainability in mind. With tool steel cutters that don't need to be sharpened, you're going to have more uptime and less cost on replacement parts.